Information and Privacy Policy

When you make a submission on our site, a copy of your submission goes to one of our church members so that they can respond. Additionally, we store this information on our Virtual Private Webserver so that if the email function doesn’t operate correctly, we can still respond to your request.

We do share your information with anyone.

We take reasonable precautions to keep our web server safe using tools and best practices such as site encryption, brute force protection, strong passwords, and updated software. However, the risk of a breach is always possible, so we never request or store things like social security numbers, birth dates, or credit card numbers on our server. For these elements like online donations, we use a secure connection with a trusted third party that specializes in handling that kind of information.

With all that said, while we make every effort we know of to keep anything submitted through our site safe. Nonetheless, anything entered online is done at your own risk and our site is no exception.